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Note about updating your Firmware: Firmware updates are written in order to correct specific issues within a Unit. If the Firmware update you have downloaded does not describe a fix for a specific problem you are having, then updating the Firmware will more than likely have no effect on your system. While updating your firmware, if you experience a power outage, improperly update your Firmware, or flash the file into a Player that this was not written for, you can irreparably damage your MP3 player.

This Firmware update is ONLY for the TRIO Model 8033 Red (pictured above), and can be used on sizes 512, 1GB, and 2GB. Please ensure that you are using this model player before attempting to update the firmware.

Download Firmware

(1) Download the firmware updater (select save) from the 'Download Firmware' link above.

(2) Once you have downloaded the firmware updater, extract the folder, and run the setup.exe (Picture)

(3) When the installation is complete, force your device into Recovery Mode. To do this, remove the battery from your player, press and hold the PLAY button, and while holding the PLAY button, connect the player to your USB port, and continue to hold the PLAY button for about 10 seconds.

(4) Windows will launch the Found New Hardware Wizard. Allow the wizard to automatically detect and install the software. When this is complete, close the wizard. Your unit should be recognized as a MSC recovery class device. (Picture)

(5) Run the "Sigmatel MSCN Firmware Downloader" from your start menu (Picture)

(6) Once the program begins to run, it will reset the player, and the player will not be useable until the firmware update is complete. Select OK to continue updating. (Picture)

(7) Once the updater has detected the MP3 player as a recovery device, the Program will initialize the update stage. Put a check in the "format data area" and select start (Picture)

(8) The firmware update will begin. NOTE- do NOT disconnect the unit or turn your power off while the firmware is downloading as this can permanently damage the Mp3 player (Picture)

(9) Once the Updater reads as complete, Select close to finish the update (Picture)

If you have any problems updating your Firmware please contact our technical support department at: (580) 272-0035