The Mach Speed Extended Service Plan provides our customers the protection they deserve for their media players by extending the standard 1-year service coverage to 2-years from the date of product purchase. The Extended Service Plan is available for all current Mach Speed Media and MP3 Players purchased within the past 30 days.

By purchasing the Extended Service Plan within the first thirty days of ownership, you protect your player by extending the warranty to 2 years from your original product purchase date. If your registered product or its original included accessories need service during the term of your Extended Warranty Plan, Mach Speed will be ready to assist you with getting your player repaired or replaced as needed.


To complete the registration, you will need to provide the Plan's Order Number (which will be emailed to you upon Plan purchase) and the unique serial number for the covered product. You must purchase the Plan within 30 days from the original product purchase date and you must register within 30 days of purchase of the Plan and prior to receiving any service under the Plan.

Keep your Plan's confirmation document and your original sales receipts for your Covered Product and your Plan, these documents are required to obtain service under the Plan.